New Years Resolutions- why so many fail and what you can do to succeed

Different studies show that the vast majority of  people that set New Year’s goals fail to meet them – around 20-25% don’t last a week and only around 10% stick to it for a whole year.  In the USA, one study found that most people give up on the 19th January (and dubbed it “Quitters Day”!).  So why is that people, with all those good intentions to improve themselves and their lives in some important way just don’t succeed?  Did the desired change not matter enough? Were they not serious about achieving their goals?

I believe the answer lies in that they are “forcing” themselves to do it, whatever it is or was, and this “forced” energy is what people often call willpower. And studies show that willpower alone will only work in the short term – which is EXACTLY why resolutions only last a few weeks for most people.

And so the solution lies in making the desired change to be an involuntary, instinctive way of being,  just something that happens naturally without the inner battle and thus quickly becomes an engrained, automatic habit. And hypnosis is of course a very effective and quick way of changing habits for good.

So well done if you made a New Year’s Resolution and are still sticking to it… but if you have given up, yet still would like to make that goal a reality, maybe its time to make a resolution to see a hypnotherapist instead.