Sheffield Hypnotherapy Reviews

  • Today I feel great and cannot wait for my next hypnotherapy session.I can honestly really see and now start to feel the difference not only in my jumping but my flat work. This week I have been more focused, calmer and if things have gone wrong we have learnt from them not got frustrated. I feel like this week we have taken on the challenge and that mare has tried and given me 1000% , so it’s been the best riding week we have had! I honestly can not recommend Gerry enough! – Karen A
  • I first arranged an appointment with Gerry a few years ago to help me with a few personal problems I was having, I was quite nervous about opening up to a stranger but as soon as I arrived Gerry made me feel at ease. I would highly recommended Gerry and his s Tessions as I found him to be a very caring and sincere person who takes the time to listen to your story and try’s his best to help and even after my first session I felt a real weight of my shoulders and only a few sessions later my problems had dissolved. The setting is also very warm and relaxing. – Tariq W
  • I approached Gerry to help me with a life long nail biting habit triggered by stressful situations. He immediately made me feel welcome and comfortable. I have had two sessions with him and so far the results have been excellent. Do not be nervous about seeking this form of therapy. It is a genuinely enjoyable and relaxing experience. – Kath T
  • I took my 11 year old son to see Gerry regarding some emotional and confidence issues. My son thought he was great and enjoyed the session’s. We only had two as Gerry said he thought that was all my son needed, but I saw a difference in my son’s confidence and most importantly how he dealt with personal issues. Gerry also gave us some hypnotherapy recordings for my son to play when he needed it in the future which have been really helpful. It was extremely worthwhile going to see Gerry he made both myself and my son feel very comfortable and hopefully will be something my son can carry through his school life. If you have children with emotional or confidence issues then Gerry will definitely be able to help. – Lisa O’K
  • I’d been suffering with depression for years, I’d tried and failed with medication and didn’t know how to get better. My brother in law did some research and put me in touch with Gerry and his treatment has rescued me. I wasn’t sure what to expect with hypnotherapy but this and Gerry’s effective work has transformed me. I am eternally grateful and would recommend Envision hypnotherapy for anyone suffering with depression or any problems regarding mental health or addiction etc. I was sceptical at first but with just four sessions with Gerry I now have the necessary tools to get on in life and I have my smile back!  – D.F
  • Gerry is an absolute diamond. He literally saved my life. – J.E.
  • Gerry’s approach to hypnosis is very professional, kind and respectful. I found the two sessions and his recordings helpful in setting me on the path to practicing self-hypnosis and meditation. I have a sense now of the relationship between the two, not having experienced hypnosis before. I think the length of the sessions were useful for this, helping me to experience my relaxation practice more deeply, and importantly, to maintain it with more confidence, which I found difficult before. I’d recommend Gerry’s sessions. – Regina W.
  • Gerry’s a top bloke and that’s even before he works whatever magic he wields… I needed reprogramming and help with how things were (no details necessary!) and Gerry listened, heard, then helped. I know that he is just enabling me to do the work, but I find his approach and methods extremely valuable and easy to access. I still see him every now and again – just to have a good chat! Highly recommended. – Marco P.
  • Gerry has treated three members of my family during the last year for various problems. His professional but compassionate approach has been remarkably effective and his understanding and empathy has made an enormous difference to their lives. Thank you Gerry! – J.W.
  • After suffering needle phobia for many years and passing out at the mere sight of an injection I decided to try hypnotherapy before needing a large number of vaccinations for travelling. After just one session with Gerry I managed to go for my injections much calmer and stayed conscious throughout the jabs! Complete success! – Anna F.
  • I went to see Gerry for insomnia I had been taking prescribed medication for several years I had 1 session with him and with his after care recording I have had medication free sleep since, Gerry makes you feel so relaxed and energised. I will definitely go back. I have recommended him to a number of family,friends and colleagues. – Tracy E
  • I am not exactly sure how Gerry’s treatment works. I am just very grateful that it does. I would definitely recommend Gerry to any one who is contemplating the fact that they may need some assistance with what ever their own personal issues may be. – Andy
  • I was really pleased with the work I completed with Gerry on my anxiety. Gerry made me feel relaxed and comfortable talking about my problems with anxiety. I learnt new strategies to cope and have been able to implement them daily. I also listen to the recording’s Gerry provided me, each night before I go to bed, which has helped me to sleep better. I would strongly recommend Gerry for anybody who suffers from any form of anxiety. – Rachel
  • I have seen Gerry on numerous occasions and have always found him excellent at what he does, he instantly makes you feel relaxed and completely comfortable, I feel he listens closely to my needs and is superb in getting the desired results, I would and do recommend him very highly.– Julian
  • I went to Gerry with many confidence issues, but the main one was fear of competing with my horse, which left us constantly in the lower positions, if not last, despite performing without fault at home and in training. After just 4 sessions with Gerry, this was completely reversed and I won my first major competition and continued to go on and win or get highly placed in many more over the following year. It wasn’t just about winning though, is was the ability to go to a competition and look forward to it and enjoy it, with out the mindless dread that used to accompany me to every such event. Of course it also had other knock on benefits in my every day life generally, which were all very positive and to the point that friends and family really noticed and some even went to Envision Hypnotherapy for other issues of their own, which Gerry managed to help them with. – Sarah
  • Gerry is extremely understanding and very motivating. I went from being worried and anxious about jumping my horse to feeling confident and positive after three sessions. We don’t always have the perfect score or a day that goes to plan but I now can accept that is quite normal instead of worrying about it and letting it effect my future performances. – Debra
  • Probably the most important decision I ever made was to get in touch with Envision. A very specific form of anxiety meant personal and professional progress was nigh on impossible for me. Gerry helped identify the root of the issue, and worked with me, at my pace, to address, manage and overcome them, without overdrawn or lengthy processes, and in a calm, understanding and pressure-less environment. It’s made a massive difference to my life, and I can’t thank him enough. – Russ

To book an appointment, or to discuss hypnotherapy or coaching and what you are looking to change, you can call Gerry directly on 07976 701223 or contact the Stillpoint Practice Sheffield on 0114 2586133.