Stop Overeating and Lose Weight

Become the healthy weight and shape that you want with the Envision Hypnotherapy “Your Body In Mind” Programme – helping you to lose weight and feel great while you do so.

I developed the Your Body In Mind programme in response to client needs and my own experience of helping people to lose weight successfully. Using tools and techniques that work, my “ Your Body In Mind” programme is a highly effective approach to enabling people to reach their weight loss goals.

I find that most people who come to me to lose weight often have been struggling for years to control their eating and weight, and have tried following all sorts of different diets and/or exercise regimes, but to no avail in the end. They discover along with 99% of everyone who has ever tried dieting,  that dieting simply  does not work.  Most dieters end up weighing more than they did before they embarked on their chosen diet plan.   Even the scientifically and nutritionally sound diet plans fails because it is sticking to a diet that is the problem!

Mental Traps

With hypnosis and the other elements that make up my unique programme, I aim to help break current associations with food and eating and to learn new habits, so that eating appropriately and being much more active, just becomes part and parcel of who they are.

People who want to lose weight tend to fall into mental traps such as thinking of themselves as weak and worthless, forever destined to continue to put on weight, feeling that they really ought to be able to stop but are unable to change their eating patterns. The Your Body In Mind  programme helps people to discover that they are much stronger than they currently think and so can get to feel much better about themselves into the bargain.

Sadly, I find that often people have reached a state of despair before they turn to me for help. However, this is not necessarily a bad thing as long as this sense of despair is used as the tipping point for real change to occur, when you simply decide “enough is enough, I don’t want to do this anymore!” and mean it.

The Envision Approach

My approach builds on each client’s own desire for change and channels this through hypnosis to change the way they think about eating, food and themselves so that they create new patterns of behaviour. The aim is to remove the stress and the need to battle and to change habits by reprogramming the mind so that it feels natural to eat healthily and to have the right relationship with eating and food.

One of the Your Body In Mind programme goals is to lose weight steadily without feeling deprived in anyway or needing to starve oneself (see comments below about dieting!). The aim is to lose weight in a healthy way until the goal weight is reached.

But first my thoughts on dietingDON’T!

My approach means there is no need to go on a diet, for dieting does not work for most people. Dieting often just brings about more overeating- the weight goes down for a while but then back up.  This sequence results in a constant feeling of failure, and each subsequent failure reinforces the belief that the next attempt will fail too.

Stop eating junk food
Improve your self control to control overeating and healthier eating

Remember too that diets only work while you are on them (and stick on them!) but being on them is painful – we feel deprived and it becomes a constant battle, an unhealthy obsession, and often leads to stuffing then starving yourself to compensate and on it goes. You can’t resist foods you feel you have been deprived of for so long…usually the ones that you love the most, very often the calorie dense variety.  Even if you lose weight, you may find yourself also paranoid and anxious about putting it on again, and then when the diet fails the cycle of despair, sense of failure and over eating begins all over again.

Diets also do not work because they rarely live up to their inflated, magical claims (avoid this, eat that, eat like a prehistoric cave dweller, eat raw food only, eat only at certain times of the day, avoid all carbs etc). Scientific studies show that most radical diets are pointless and can even be harmful. Diets only appear to work, some better than others but are not sustainable and they rarely tackle the root cause of the problem – the mind.

So ditch the diets and the scales…simply be guided by how your clothes fit and feel and how your body feels.

For a great 12 minute TED talk by top neuroscientist Sandra Aomodt on the science of why dieting does not work – click here

So what does the Mind Your Body Programme involve?

In addition to 3 or 4  hypnotherapy sessions over a period of several months, including hypno-gastric band work if appropriate, the Your Body In Mind programme comprises:

  •  Self assessment and “mindfulness” exercises to gain a better, more accurate picture of your associations with food and eating, the underlying drivers for any emotional eating, your eating habits and activity levels;
  • “Anchoring” techniques you can use to control eating, change moods and boost motivation to exercise more;
  • Visualisation and guided imagery work to give your unconscious mind a powerful blueprint to work towards (i.e. you at your ideal weight and shape) and enable you to stay on track;
  • Practical tips for better eating habits and weight loss;
  • Self -hypnosis recordings for you to listen to and use between sessions.

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Treatment can be provided online or face to face + initial consultations lasting 20-30 minutes are free of charge and in complete confidence.