Rise in anxiety and depression in teenagers – is there a link to use of Smartphones?

I, like many other parents of teenage children, have been concerned for some time about the addictive nature of modern technology, especially smartphones and social media apps, and the impact on the emotional and mental well being of young people. A look around any restaurant or public place will show that many adults also appear addicted to their smartphones to the exclusion of the people and the world around them but the impact on young people is, to me at least, especially worrying. This is why I have developed my new approach to the treatment of technology addiction using hypnosis.

This article in The Economist(USA edition) published in 2017 makes interesting reading for anyone who shares my concerns about Smartphone use. It shows there is no definitive causative proof as yet but the scientific evidence is growing to support anecdotal evidence and our own everyday experience of Smartphone use by people around us.