Top 5 Top 5 Behaviours For Preventing or Addressing The Symptoms of Chronic Disease –

Recent Research by the USA Centre For Disease Control has shown that the following make a massive difference if you want to live longer and be free of chronic diseases:

  • No smoking;
  • Consuming little or no alcohol;
  • Engaging in regular physical activity;
  • Maintaining normal body weight;
  • Getting enough sleep.

Seems obvious when you read the list however in 2013, they estimate that only 6.3% of Americans fulfill all five of these health-promoting behaviours. Now, I don’t know about you but I would be surprised if the figure for the UK was not as equally low and alarming!

The good news is that hypnotherapy can help someone establish and maintain each and all of these top 5 behaviours – so if you want to improve your health just give me a call on 07976 701223 to discuss how hypnotherapy with me can make this possible. All calls are in confidence and without obligation to have treatment, in other words it is a free, private consultation.