6 Mindfulness Exercises You Can Try Today

I always like to help my clients to help themselves and with that in mind, I heartily recommend these 6 Mindfulness Exercises You Can Try Today…..they require very little effort and can be done pretty much anywhere, at anytime.  The Pocket Mindfulness website and App are also well worth adding to your “useful resource” store as a good source of ideas, exercises and timeless wisdom.

While I believe mindfulness is useful when practiced, please do remember that although there are some similarities with hypnosis (for example being in a relaxed state),  mindfulness/meditation (guided or otherwise) is not the same as hypnosis – with hypnosis you get to reprogram your mind, to change your beliefs, habits, feelings  and actions in ways that are useful and appropriate to you, and to do so RAPIDLY and PERMANENTLY.  If you would like to know more about similarities and distinctions  between mindfulness/mediatation and hypnosis, feel free to give me a call.