Mindfulness Exercises For Living in the Present

Here is a useful free resource for anyone interested in developing mindfulness –

The activities can be fitted into everyday life, the majority do not involve meditating and some may not have an obvious connection to what is commonly seen as mindfulness practice, but it is useful list nonetheless. You will find that instructions are short and easy to follow.

I have often recommended exercise nos 9,10 and 26 to clients – for example number 9 , the simple act of taking a good drink of water soon after waking up, is something that most people do not do and are missing out on the positive difference this can make.

Don’t let the fact there is 71 activities put you off! These are broken down into morning, afternoon and evening exercises. Why not choose 2 or 3 that appeal most and give it these a go until you are ready to add more exercise into your daily routine.